Monday, June 3, 2013

waterfalls of ricketts glen

What better way to spend an unusually cool late May weekend than traipsing around Ricketts Glen State Park in the Middle of Nowhere, PA.  My foray into hiking with a tripod and camera bag started out a little shaky with me dropping my camera's remote, followed by my camera bag knocking my water bottle onto the ground at the top of the first big waterfall.  After hiking back up to retrieve said water bottle and subsequently readjusting my grip on the tripod, this very same water bottle (my trusty water bottle with whom I have hiked for the last 5-6 years) went flying into the bottom of the falls.  Unable to be retrieved by me.  So with many apologies to the park for leaving a trace, and just as many thanks to Karol for sharing her water, below I post some of my favorites from the trip.

Day 2 of hiking the falls trail at Ricketts Glen went a little more smoothly with my backpack, and the light was quite nice (it better be after getting up at 4:30 to start hiking closer to sunrise!).

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